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When it comes to jewellery, it’s like having a car, you need to keep up with the maintenance of it. With rings, you have a lot of factors you need keep maintained such as making sure the claws are strong and tight, the wear and tear of the shank and setting ect. . At some point in the lifetime of the ring, you are probably going to need to get it sized as your fingers and knuckles change over time. There are a few different ways we do this, and at A&M Diggle, we do all our sizings on site so your jewellery doesn’t need to leave the premises and in most cases, can be done the same day. We have our expert jewellers on site to advise the best way to do this.

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Stretching the ring is one way we can size them if it needs to go up. If it is only a couple sizes, sometimes we can stretch the ring. This is the case with a lot of thicker rings and plain wedding bands as it can be the most efficient way. We will advise in store if we can stretch a ring up without any damage or change to the profile. If there are any risks to the ring being damaged, especially if there are stones or the ring is thin, then we will advise against this and put a piece of metal in, matching the carat of your ring. If this is the best way of sizing it, we will measure your finger in store using our metal ring sizers to get the best reading. It is very hard to guess a size as one ring size is around about the width of a penny which is very very small. If you put two sizes next to each other, it is very hard to tell the difference when just looking. The best way is to come in and get your finger measured. Sometimes we can compress rings too if there are no risks. This means you get to keep all the weight of the material without having to take a piece out. 

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In most cases, we advise to put a piece of gold/silver/platinum into the ring if we are sizing up. This is because sometimes there can be risks with stretching it, especially if it has stones in it. We can size rings with stones in as long as they don’t come too far down the shoulders, as this is where it can get complicated and there could be a risk to the stones coming out. When we put a piece of gold in, we will cut the ring at the shank, then roll and cut a piece of gold to size and insert it by heating the ring up with a flame and soldering it into place. After being polished on a polishing motor, you cannot see where the piece has been put in as this gives it a seamless finish. With platinum rings, it takes a lot more heat so this is why platinum sizings take longer to do but has the same seamless finish. If there is a pattern the whole way around, we will do our best to match it up, or advise it to be sent to a specialist to put the pattern back on.

Sometimes when sizing a ring down, we may need to take a piece of metal out of the ring if it cannot be compressed due to damage risks. This can be as small as a few shavings and sometimes if you have stones in the shoulders, you may find the ring looks more oval as suppose to round. This will be due to the stones as you cannot pull the ring down any more than half way as it will cause the stones to fall out or become loose. If this is the case, we usually advise the best option for sizing it. If we cannot size the ring down due to the risk of damages, you are also able to insert shots and ring clips. 

With white gold resizings, there is an extra step. As white gold has a natural yellowish colour to it, it needs re-rhodium plating. This is when it gets dipped into rhodium and this is where it gets its gorgeous sparkly white finish. 

Ring sizes in the UK are measured in letters and some branded places have their own measuring charts. You can convert these online usually quite easily but its always best to measure your finger in person, in the shop you are getting it done. 

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In most cases, rings can be done within an hour as we have our onsite workshop! Our ring resizing prices vary as we try to keep prices as low and as fair as possible. Come in store for a quote!