Choosing your Wedding Rings: The Guide

Just got engaged? Congratulations! Now you’re thinking of the next big step, getting married! There are a few things you need to consider when buying your wedding rings and we are here to help you with that decision. 

Shaped Ring

The Shape

If you have an engagement ring sitting next to the band, you may want to check if its ‘Weds Fit’. Weds fit is the term used for the type of setting is used on the ring which is made so that a flat sided band can sit next to it comfortably without leaving a gap in between the band and the engagement ring. If your engagement ring is not weds fit, you might not mind that there is a gap, which is personal preference. If you would rather something more fitted, you may want to opt for a shaped wed. These can be plain or with stones, its completely up to you but you will need to make sure that you have your engagement ring with you when you are looking for a wed. In some cases, you may need to get something which made bespoke if the fit is not quite what you want. This way, you will have the perfect fit for your wedding ring and engagement ring to sit next to each other. This type of thing is something we do on a regular basis so if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to pop in store or email us. 

Wide Wedding Ring
Diamond Wedding Band

The Style

You can choose from a range of styles for your wedding rings, whether you would like to match your partner or have your own unique ring. From two tone rings, to plain bands,  we have a vast range of wedding rings which we can also make to your specifications too. We would also advise on the best option for you too. You can choose from a range of different widths and weights too, so everything is completely customisable.

Full eternity style wedding rings are a gorgeous style choice, but they aren’t practical for everyday wear and may cause future problems. As you wear the ring, the underneath of the wedding ring will end up going thing, even if it is platinum. When this wears thin, your claws will wear down as well as the setting and you will end up loosing stones unless you are very weary and keep up with getting the claws and the setting maintained which can be costly. Also, another problem with these is that you cannot size them as there is no space to put a piece of gold in, or take a piece out. 

The best option if you are opting for a ring with stones is to choose a half eternity style ring or shorter. This gives you the option to be able to size the ring in the future as well as not having all the wear and tear targeting the stones area. With all rings, you have to maintain them and get the claws seen to every so often, as well as a new shank sometimes if it is wearing thin. This comes with buying a ring but it is important to know these things before committing. 

You can add a number of amount of details, patterns or additional finishes to your ring such as a chamfered edge, engraved pattern, or a brushed finish. The list goes on, the beauty of having a custom made ring is having a unique ring of your choice. Be aware with finishes like the chamfered edge and matt or special finishes as you might have to pay to send the ring off in the future to get it added back on if you get it sized in the future. 

The weight of the ring is also important when choosing the style. You are best making sure that a it is a solid ring you are buying rather than hollow, or a hollowed out section. Rings being hollow cause a weakness in the ring, meaning it cannot take much wear and tear and can cause problems in the future. Especially if you have stones in the ring, this would be a big factor to consider. If you do a lot of manual work which means the ring could go through a lot of pressure, consider buying a heavier and harder wearing ring as it will be able to withstand a lot more wear. After the ring is finished, any extras can be added on such as engraving or finishes.

Channel Set Diamond Ring
Two Colour Wedding Ring
Wide Flat Wedding Ring

The Material

Rose Gold Wedding Ring

You may want to consider the material you would choose when it comes to your wedding ring. If you have a platinum engagement ring, you wouldn’t really want to put it next to a 9ct wedding ring as platinum is a lot harder wearing, it would wear down the wedding ring a lot quicker than platinum would. Also you may want to consider the maintenance of the wedding band. Yellow gold doesn’t need much maintenance in regards to how it looks, you may want to get it polished every so often or need it building up in the future but thats just normal. If you are not familiar with white gold rings, you may want to do some research first. White gold its a beautiful metal and comes up sparkly and shiny when you first get it done. The only thing is, white gold has a natural yellowish tone to it and tends to get rhodium plated when they are first made. This plating does tend to come off, especially with hand sanitiser and general wear. You would need to get it re-plated every so often but this is personal choice. If you would rather go for something which won’t fade and is harder wearing, It would be best opting for platinum or palladium. 

All of our wedding rings are hallmarked by the assay office, to find out more click here.

If you have any questions about buying wedding rings, please contact us or call in store.

Wide Wedding Ring