Choosing your wedding bands

Choosing your wedding band is one of the most important steps when you are planning a wedding. It is one piece of the wedding that will stay with you every day which you will treasure and keep as a symbol of your marriage and you want to make the right decision before committing to the ring..

  1. Take your engagement ring with you shopping.

You need to take into consideration your engagement ring when choosing a wedding band as you will want it to sit flush next to it. If you want a classic style band that just sits next to your engagement ring without having to have a curved band, you will need to make sure the engagement ring is wedfit. This means that the setting on the engagement ring is made with a setting that is shaped specifically to leave space for a wedding band. You can ask about this style when buying an engagement ring, or you can get a shaped wed to sit next to the engagement ring that is not wedfit. 

If you opt for a shaped wed, you will need the engagement ring with you so you can see how it fits next to your band. Some people have engagement rings which have a twist setting, and you can have these made specifically to your ring so that it sits flush. Sometimes you might need to leave your engagement ring with the jewellers but this means you will have a perfect fit. You could go for a wed with a slight curve, pointed edge, wave style or you could have stones put into it depending on what you decide to go for.

2.Shape and size.

You can choose from a range of different widths for your wedding band, whether it is a wide 12mm band or a thinner 2.5mm band, its your choice. It is important to see how it looks without your engagement ring too, just incase you decide to wear it without the engagement ring. Wedding bands also come in different weights so you can choose to have any size in different weights, like a light 3mm band or a heavy 3mm band. When choosing how heavy the band is, it is important to choose practically. If you are someone who does a lot of heavy duty work when you are wearing the band, you may want to go for something heavier. 

3. Material.

You choose from 9ct yellow, white, or rose gold, 18ct yellow, white, or rose gold, platinum or palladium, its your personal choice. Most the time couples tend to match each other with what material is used, and go for a different style but it is entirely up to you. Some people like to make their engagement ring have a sense of sentimentality, and here at A&M Diggle we are able to provide this. If you have some old gold passed down from family members or have any sentimental stones, we use them to make your new wedding bands. You can even have old rings resized or refurbished so that you continue to wear them for years to come and keep the sentimentality behind them. 

There is even the option to have a bi-colour wedding bands made. This way if you would like a mixture of yellow, white, rose gold or platinum, you can. Bi-colour bands are a unique way to combine the three colours and they come in different styles and shapes. These sometimes can be difficult to size in the future which is something you will need to take into consideration when choosing.

Ring Resizing

Some people may opt for a non-traditional wedding band and you may want to add stones. Traditionally, a band with stones are seen as eternity rings. Now more and more people tend to choose a wedding band with stones in and its completely personal choice. You can also get these shaped specifically to the engagement ring but you may want to take into consideration that in the future the sides of the wedding band and the eternity will wear and put the stones at risk of falling out. If you do decide to get a wed which has stones in, we would recommend getting them checked every now and again just to see if there is any risk to the stones. This is normal for the engagement ring and the wedding band to wear as they rub against each other over a few years. 

4. Bespoke

Here at A&M Diggle, we specialise in bespoke jewellery and we have the ability to make whatever design you wish. If you would like your wedding bands to be completely unique, then this is the option for you. If you bring in an image, design or even have an idea of what you would like, then we would recommend bringing them into the shop to discuss with the assistants. This is something we do on a daily basis and you can even use your own gold and stones if you wish. 

By generating a CAD (computer aided design) image, we are able to make rings specifically to what design you wish and we can send you these images so you can check if the design is what you want before we get it cast. This can be done in your material of choice too and can even be made to match up with your engagement ring. 

Bespoke Wedding Bands

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