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Our services were recently recommended to a customer who wished to transform the materials from family heirlooms into a bespoke ring. The mixture jewellery was old and outdated but they still held the meaning and the sentimentality. So instead of the heirlooms sitting in a box, the customer brought them to our shop Liverpool to discuss possibility of having them remodelled into a multi stone diamond ring.

Having a collection of rings with different stone sizes means the design is based entirely around the materials that are available. The customer already had an idea of how she wanted the ring to look based on images that she had seen online, so we had a solid foundation to work alongside the customer in designing the ring.

The design was to have a single platinum shank branch out into three strands, with each strand having irregular shaped diamonds set in an irregular fashion to give the appearance that the stones have been scattered across the ring.

Once we had completed the design and customer was happy with the placement of the stones, we began work on the making process. We then start on the shank, the three bands are made identically for symmetry and support and they’re made to the customer’s finger size.

sentimental jewellery
bespoke ring

After this step, the jeweller then rolled out some more platinum to create collets. We began by measuring the stones (to the tenth of a millimetre) so we know the exact size of each collet to be made. This ensures the stones will sit flush in the setting. The jeweller did this by filing and shaping the collets to create the size needed for the particular stone, then soldering the metal together to create a pristine finish. 

He then cut a space between the three bands so that the collets could be attached. These were scattered across the top of the ring to create the look that the customer had asked for. Each collet was put into place by soldering the joins so that they were sturdy, hard wearing and will stand the test of time. Each of the stones were then set into their collets and bead set. This is a type of setting which makes the stone look like it has tiny beads around it, also creating an illusion that the stone is slightly bigger than it actually is. This type of setting was also shown in the image she asked us to create. 

Bespoke Multi stone Ring

Finally, the ring is then hallmarked and polished, ready for the customer to come and collect in a gift box. She was very pleased with the result of the job and recommended us to her friends too. We know how precious jewellery can be, especially the sentimentality of it. This is what makes our business special as we can refurbish and remodel jewellery that you do not wear, and make it into something you are able to wear proudly every day. We take pride in everything that comes into us and our valued customers know that they are well looked after. They know that they are getting the best price and care for their old sentimental gold.

Contact us for more details on how you can create your own bespoke jewellery and start your journey now!  

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Bespoke Multi stone Ring
Bespoke Multi stone Ring